At FMC, we have a pathway called L.I.F.E. that will help you and your family stay with Jesus, become like Him, and do what He did. The L.I.F.E. acronym represents the four vows of membership that we believe encompass the life of Jesus and who He calls us to be as His disciples. This pathway for living as a disciple includes 1) Living in Community, 2) Investing in Others, 3) Focusing Outward, and 4) Encountering God. 


We cannot grow as a disciple of Christ and become more like Him if we journey through life on our own. We need the support, nurture, and accountability of the community of faith every step of the way. That is why we want to encourage all our members to participate in a LIFE Group, Sunday school class, course, or some form of small group as a key part of the fulfillment of their vows of membership. FMC offers a variety of short-term and long-term small groups for all ages, needs and interests.

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Disciple-making is the call of every believer and is the church’s primary mandate given by Jesus (Matt. 28). We respond to God’s work in our lives by joining Jesus in His mission and doing what He did in the world. This work involves investing in others by teaching them and modeling what it means to follow Jesus. As we live out our faith in every aspect of our lives, we will naturally awaken others to God’s saving love. This starts at home in the family and extends outward to impact those in our church, our workplaces, and in the communities in which we live.



The church does not exist for itself; it exists for the world. It is a strategic base from which believers go out to extend God’s kingdom in the world through acts of love, service, and witness. All members have a role to play in the church’s mission, which is why we seek to equip our members to live out their faith with their unique gifts and skills.



As Jesus’ disciples we are transformed by encountering the presence of God through the means of grace. As we engage in individual acts of prayer and Bible study as well as participation in the corporate life of the church through worship, sacrament, and stewardship, we receive more of God’s grace and Spirit. In doing so, we should find ourselves growing in our love for God and others.

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